What does STMI offer its clients and collaborating partners?

Technical Solutions Development

STMI leverages its technical expertise to develop innovative solutions addressing challenges within the aquaculture industry – turn-key RAS and/or parts hereof. This encompasses the design and implementation of advanced technologies to optimize processes and improve overall efficiency.

Consultancy Services

STMI offers consultancy services, drawing upon its extensive experience and knowledge base. Clients benefit from strategic advice, tailored solutions, and insights that

contribute to informed decision-making and improved operational outcomes. This aquaculture consultancy service is mainly operated in Europe and Asia.

Fish Larvae Propagation Expertise

STMI excels in the delicate process of fish larvae propagation. Leveraging advanced techniques and precise environmental control, the company enhances the successful hatching and early-stage development of fragile fish larvae. This knowhow contributes to the sustainable replenishment of aquatic populations, supporting biodiversity (e.g. fish re-stocking strategies) and a more diverse usage of species in the aquaculture production.

Sustainability Reports and Assessment

STMI provides comprehensive sustainability reports, offering clients transparent insights into the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their aquaculture- and industry related operations. The company conducts thorough assessments, tracking key performance indicators, and develops strategies to enhance overall sustainability. These reports assist clients in meeting corporate responsibility goals and maintaining environmentally responsible practices.

Collaborative Research and Development

The company actively engages in collaborative partnerships with industry and academia to conduct research and development initiatives. These collaborations aim to advance scientific knowledge, foster innovation, and introduce new methodologies to the aquaculture domain. STMI is one of the only aquaculture companies in Europe that has a track record of around 20 years working with academia, and some of the global players in the aquaculture industry, to advance with some of the outmost forefront of technologies used in the industry.  

Supply Chain- and Energy Usage Optimization

STMI contributes to the growth and sustainability of the aquaculture sector by optimizing supply chain- and energy usage processes. This involves the development and implementation of strategies to streamline logistics, reduce waste, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Environmental Impact Assessment

STMI conducts thorough assessments the environmental impact of aquaculture operations. This service includes comprehensive analyses of ecological factors, waste management strategies, and sustainable practices to ensure responsible and environmentally friendly aquaculture practices to secure the increase of aquaculture in EU, and abroad.

Utilization of Invasive Aquatic Species Management

STMI addresses ecological challenges associated with invasive aquatic species by developing and implementing effective management strategies. The company leverages its expertise to control and mitigate the impact of invasive species on local ecosystems, ensuring sustainable aquaculture practices and minimizing environmental risks.

Biological Solutions Implementation

STMI is dedicated to the application of cutting-edge biological solutions in aquaculture. This involves the development and deployment of strategies to enhance the health and sustainability of aquatic organisms, contributing to increased productivity. E.g. mature-water systems increasing hatching- and survival levels in several species of fish and shrimp.

Innovation Strategy Development

STMI assists clients in formulating and implementing innovation strategies tailored to the aquaculture industry. This includes identifying emerging trends, evaluating technological advancements, practice of species, climate mitigation actions, and incorporating forward-thinking approaches to drive continuous improvement in aquaculture practices.

Innovative Hatchery Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Design

STMI takes pride in its unique hatchery designs incorporating state-of-the-art Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. The company develops and implements innovative RAS designs, optimizing water usage, maintaining water quality, and enhancing energy efficiency. These design innovations aim to elevate the overall sustainability and productivity of aquaculture operations.

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